Between the three of us, we’ve got some awfully juicy conversations to share. Some will make you laugh out loud, others will get you to stop and think. And then there are the moments that make you say “wow.” We know you’ll want to share those with a friend!

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Anne's nickname is "sunshine" - probably because she is all about "surprise and delight." She created Parlay House to bring surprise and delight to women outside of their usual circles. It now reaches almost 10,000 women around the globe. She lives in San Francisco and New York as well as Hawaii, meaning that there is surprise and delight in trying to figure out where the bathroom is in the middle of the night. And, while Anne has run companies and been on a number boards, she is just as happy doing a head stand on a paddle board, (her personal record is a surprising 8 minutes and 32 seconds) and finding delight by designing clothing, hugging dogs and cuddling babies. Her daughters are her best friends, her husband is her inspiration and her closest friends feed her soul. (They also drink wine with her quite often.)


Adimika’s nickname is "mojo" because she uses her magic charm to bring the best out of everyone she meets. In fact, on our show, she is the queen of asking our guests about the "catalytic moments" that shaped them into who they are. Their answers never cease to open our eyes and our hearts. Having lived everywhere from Seattle to Atlanta to Boston to Oakland (and a few other places she claims in between), she makes friends and brings friends wherever she goes.  She loves the “mojo” charm of storytelling, connection and culture and is an evangelist for women supporting each other.  She is a fan of the “girlfriend high” making us more expansive and inclusive for impact (and societal gain)!  Adimika's no slacker -- when she's not bringing her mojo to us, she's waving her magic wand to help solve not-so-simple issues like health care access to vulnerable people, national health policy on inequities, and securing the future for underrepresented youth.


Juicy, juicy, juicy. That's Arielle. We call her Juice because everything she does is packed full of flavor. Her closest friends describe her as "ALL CAPS" because she's extra extra and over the top with her enthusiasm for life, and we've never met someone who didn't feel better after spending a bit of time with her. Arielle's giggle is infectious and her love of people makes her the perfect sparkling partner for Anne at Parlay House. What's more, she's got dance moves for days, insight beyond her years, and a love for travel which means she can speak everything from baguette to margarita and launch Parlay House in any city where our members are willing to host. She considers herself an experience designer and relationship builder by trade, a hype woman and a positive-fairy-godmother by nature. It's her furbaby Pogo's world, and we're all just living in it.